Posted on Oct 24, 2019
WE'RE BACK! and again on World Polio Day Thursday October 24 2019, local Pizza Parlors will be donating a portion of their proceeds towards the Rotary and World Health Association objective of finishing the once dread disease. Look for a listing of local partners coming really soon and let your friends know.
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Posted on Feb 27, 2018
On February 22 - 25 the communities of Chatham and Thamesville were hit by a devastating flood of the Thames River. At its peak, the river was almost 18 feet (more than 5 metres) above normal levels. Many downtown businesses along the river were forced to close, many suffered property damage as well as significant inventory loss. Our Rotary Club office was also surrounded by the flood waters but thankfully the interior of the office remained dry.
Our Rotary Club is made up of local citizens who are business owners, and leaders in our community and we knew we had to help. We wanted to do something that could happen quickly and easily and was open to everyone. Therefore, we are holding the "'Flood Our Community with Love" event on Friday, March 9th and Saturday, March 10th to get this recovery started. We are encouraging all Chatham-Kent residents (and beyond) to head to downtown Chatham or Thamesville (or both) and shop, eat, drink and be merry. Every dollar helps get our local businesses back on their feet. 
This is not an "exclusive" Rotary event. We encourage other businesses and organizations to piggyback on this event to help raise awareness and bring even more people downtown. The more the merrier! For more information, please contact the Rotary office at 519-354-8300 or email
Thank you for your support!
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Posted by Tania Sharpe on Oct 03, 2017
This year Rotary International celebrates 30 years of Women in Rotary and it is with great pleasure we announce our keynote speaker for our 78th Annual Banquet, Ms. Dianne Craig.
Ms. Craig, formerly head of Ford Motor Company of Canada and since January 1st, 2017 Head of Sales for the U.S. Craig's talk will focus on Today's Automotive: The Ford Journey. Craig joined the company in 1986 in an entry level field position and has held a variety of sales and marketing positions in Dearborn including advertising, product marketing, contests and incentives and field operations. Hear Craig's story about her impressive rise within one of the world's most respected automotive companies.
We are pleased to have one of the top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry speak at our Banquet. We hope you can join us at the John D. Bradley Centre in Chatham on November 2nd. Tickets are now on sale for $60 and can be purchased by contacting the Rotary Club of Chatham office at 519.354.8300 or Refreshments at 5.30pm, multi-course dinner at 7pm. All welcome!
Join us for Our 78th Annual Banquet - Thursday November  2nd Tania Sharpe 2017-10-03 04:00:00Z 0
SATURDAY  JUNE 24  @   2:30pm
Rotary Eco-Trail in the O'Neill Nature Preserve has expanded to it's final 1.5 km length, including a bridge over Brown's Drain. The official opening hosts Chatham Rotary President Alysson Storey, and (almost) District Governor Barry Fraser will be joined by Environment Committee members and representatives of the Municipality. The Club thanks the O'Neill family, movers like Jeff Bray and Genevieve Champagne from the MoCK Parks Department. who did a lot of heavy lifting, Carolinian Canada Coalition and neighbouring residents for their community spirit.
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President Fannie's Swan Song, Recent Speakers 2016-07-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 10, 2016
We've moved, to the Links of Kent Golf Club on Indian Creek Road in Chatham's south side. It's been a long and winding road since the first meetings at the Grey-Dort Club in 1921; decades at the William Pit Hotel and Christ Church Auditorium, a shorter time at the Tree Room in the Wheel's Inn, and recently in the Rotary Lounge at the Capitol Theatre. The commonality in these otherwise uncommon venues has been the professionalism and attention afforded Rotary by our landlords and catering services, and it is much appreciated.
The Club is looking forward to welcoming prospective members, and anyone interested in joining us for lunch in the Events Centre to hear what Rotary is about.
Have You Heard? We Have Moved! 2016-01-11 00:00:00Z 0
Thank you, Chatham-Kent and visiting Beach Boy fans, for a great Evening. Picture have been added to the website - scroll down at the Left for Photo Albums.
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The official ground breaking of the future Chatham-Kent Hospice took place in Chatham on April 17. The 7 Canadian Rotary Clubs in District 6380 all support the Hospice, and in response the District has contributed grants of about $3,000 to each Club to aid in this signal project. Pictured with Hospice Fundraising Chair Jennifer Wilson are District Governor Don Riddell (Troy MI), Assistant Governor Barry Fraser (Chatham) and 2015-16 Governor Elect Henry Dodson (Auburn Hills). Watch this spot for future news.
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Posted on Mar 11, 2015
Barry Fraser and Don Leonard were singled out for honours by the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce this week. Barry is of course a former Club President, current Assistant Governor, has been elected District 6380 Governor for 2017-18, and is now in addition Chatham-Kent Citizen of the Year. Sparky is our current Club President, marking his year with big fund raisers, big events, and big service commitments, and in his spare time is General Manager of Victory Ford-Lincoln. His firm has been named Corporate Citizen of the Year by the Chamber. Both are also local television personalities, appearing regularly on Cogeco with TV Bingo and taking the opportunity to talk about the service activities of the Rotary Club of Chatham.
Congratulations to Sparky, Laurie, Barry and Carolyn.                                
Chatham-Kent Chamber Recognises Rotarians 2015-03-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Bodnaruk


The Club has partnered with Ross' Nurserymen to provide an array of great*
Poinsettias from now to Xmas. Coupons priced at $15,$25 & $35 are available
and can be gifted or used yourself at Ross'. Rotary will receive a portion of
the sale price for the Service Fund charitable causes.
See the poster under "Downloads" at the right for details.
*Yes! I picked up 2 today and they are!
Poinsettias for Rotary Rick Bodnaruk 2014-11-20 00:00:00Z 0
NO TV BINGO REMEMBRANCE DAY 2014-11-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 26, 2014
A number of Club members were recently recognized for their service efforts in the community and within their professions. Recipients of 2014 Ontario Volunteer Awards were: Mike Davidson, Keith Dawson, Moira Kerr, Tom McCarthy, Paul McDonell and Brian Reid. Fannie Vavoulis earned the Canadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters award for excellence in her field, while Kelley Doyle garnered the Citizenship Award from the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres, citing her volunteerism in Rotary, community development, and care for our aging population. Bill Grin completed his year as co-chair of the United Way Appeal.
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Posted by Rick Bodnaruk on Jul 18, 2014
Every three years, Rotarians meet at the Council on Legislation to review and vote on proposed legislation. The Council gives us a voice in how our organization is governed.
Each Rotary district sends a representative to the Council. Representatives deliberate and act upon all proposed enactments and resolutions. Enactments seek to change Rotary’s constitutional documents, and resolutions express an opinion or make a recommendation to the RI Board.
Our own Past President and Past District Governor Keith Koke has been selected to be District 6380's representative at the next Council - a well deserved and unsurprising choice!
Our Council on Legislation Representative Rick Bodnaruk 2014-07-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 23, 2014
Sandee and Keith display a cheque for $103,691.32 made out to ShelterBox Canada, earmarked for use by typhoon victims in the Philippines. 
This represents the total donations collected for by the 7 Chatham-Kent Clubs of Rotary District 6380. Over $100K was elgible for doubling by the Canadian Government, thus providing shelter and basic utensils for over 2,000 people. Thanks to all those members and others who responded, and to the Chatham Board of Directors for our Club's contribution from the Service Fund.  
ShelterBox was started by a Rotary Club in England, and ShelterBox Canada continues to partner with individual Rotary Clubs in humanitarian efforts.
200 C-K Shelterboxes for Typhoon Relief 2014-01-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard Bodnaruk

The newest addition to Chatham-Kent’s trail system -  Rotary Eco Trail in the O'Neill

Nature Preserve was officially opened. The Thornhill Park ceremony at 114 Thornhill Crescent in Chatham saw the cutting of the ribbon at the trail head . Two Rotary Club of Chatham members did the deed - Environment Committee Chair Barry Fraser (L) and Councilman Doug Sulman, who also represented the Municipality. Joining them was a vital member of the effort, the Manager of Parks, Cemetaries and Horticulture Tom Beaton (R).


Also on hand were Kathryn Kielstra of C-K, Bronwen Buck of the Carolinian Canada Coalition, resident neighbours of the Nature Preserve, walkers, Rotary members, and the Press. Following the official duties, Randall Van Wagner with the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority, who has been invaluable in cataloging the Preserve, led an interpretive tour of the attendees and their families.

This granular surface trail forms an 880 metre loop through the O’Neill Nature Preserve, formerly Paxton’s Bush.  Building the trail has been the result of a collaborative effort between the Rotary Club of Chatham, Carolinian Canada Coalition, and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.


The trail will be developed as an “EcoTrail.” It is an interpretive trail with a difference. Hiking and biking are good for you and the environment, but this trail will go the extra mile to help nature as well. Features along the trail will inspire users to learn more about nature in their own backyard, and to make a difference in the environment where they live, work and play. 

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